Scaffdex's activities combine tissue engineering and biotechnology. Tissue engineering means the renewal of biological tissues by means of cells, support structures and/or biomolecules.

Our first clinical product RegJoint™ is CE marked and available within European Union. RegJoint™ is an implant for small joints in hand and feet in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis patients. It is gradually replaced by patient´s own fibrous tissue, which forms a functional pseudojoint.

Scaffdex provides various product options for researchers, for example biodegradable structures, which are suitable for cell culture. These materials are provided, in the first place, for research purposes. 

CellVessel™ is a tubular bioabsorbable scaffold made of polymeric fibers by braiding. CellCeram™ is a porous ceramic composite scaffold that contains 60% hydroxyapatite and 40% β-tricalciumphosphate.

Scaffdex provides also CellCrown™ -cell culture inserts and CellCrown™ with filter -inserts. The main purpose of the different kinds of CellCrown™ inserts is to immobilize a sample in its place on the well plate during cell culturing.

We are always willing to discuss about customizing our products to fit our customer's special needs.

Product lines

Scaffolds for Research
Scaffold for clinical use - RegJoint