RegJoint™ implant for small joints

RegJoint™ is a bioresorbable implant meant for surgical treatment for small joint arthrosis in hands and feet

RegJoint™ is a tissue engineered solution using body´s own healing mechanism to create a pseudo joint. RegJoint™ is guiding normal scar formation in joint cavity after a surgical operation, forming a flexible connective tissue. In 3 months this tissue is strong enough to act as a joint.

Now RegJoint™ is no longer needed and its´ degradation starts. In 2 to 3 years RegJoint™ disappears from the joint cavity the only degradation products being water and carbon dioxide.

Activity & instructions

RegJoint™ is fixed to its place between the resected bone ends in the joint cavity. As the healing process starts, connective tissue cells will attach to the fibers of RegJoint™. Implant’s porous structure enables the free nutrition flow to these cells and cell waste elimination enhancing the cell welfare. The cells start to produce new flexible connective tissue which will mature in three months’ time to be able to act as a new, durable joint.

Operational technique videos

These are informational films of the operational techniques with RegJoint™ small joint implant. Scaffdex ltd as the manufacturer of RegJoint™, does not practice medicine and does not recommend these or any other surgical techniques for use on a specific patient. The surgeon who performs any implant procedure is responsible for determining and using the appropriate technique for implanting the device in each patient.

Minimally invasive hemitrapeziectomy with RegJoint implant

MCP III arthroplasty with RegJoint implant

Total trapezectomie with RegJoint implant

The first metatarsal (MTP 1) joint with RegJoint implant

Operation of lesser toes MTP II MPT III

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